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Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Last Shah of Iran

The Last Shah of Iran...
This is one of the best documentary films about the modern history of Iran – the last Shah and the Islamic Revolution.  It is Interesting and Informative and it tells you about the events that took place in Iran and how the Islamic Revolution came about. Watch the dressing room of the Shah at the Niavaran Palace. Do you see anything extravagant? Listen to the Former British Ambassador to Iran, Sir Anthony Parsons, saying that the Shah was "a genuine visionary." I have posted two pictures of the Shah and her Queen Farah.  I loved them both. They did a lot of good for the country.  I have told about this slice of history in my words in earlier posts.  It will take you an hour to watch the entire clip, but you will learn a 70 years of history. 
Here is the link:

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