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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Kudos to two Iranian talented guys...

Kambiz Hosseini 35 and Saman Arabi 37 are two expats from Iran, now hired by US government as public diplomats, through Voice of America, they have created a satiric show named "Parazit."  The show that has a semblance to Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" is broadcasted weekly from Washington DC in Farsi.  The show that pokes fun at the Islamic Republic, has created a steer in the Iranian communities.  The following URL will take you to an interview of Jon Stewart with Hosseini and Arabi.  Kudos to these guys for having the talent and the guts to portrait the absurdities of life in the Islamic regime in Iran with so much "gusto." These guys are absolutely hilarious. I wish you could understand Farsi.


  1. I loved this! Thanks for posting it.

  2. It was new to me that there are 2 million viewers in Persia watching the Parazit show. It is terribly sad that the people of Iran is suppressed by the fundamentalistic views, and hopefully this show can open minds for a more knowledgeable view on the world.