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Sunday, 6 May 2012

AROUND TOWN – The Story of a mama Bear and her two cubs caught in a residential area of Pasadena

Welcome! in case you have stumbled into my blog, you are reading BEYOND THE BLUE DOMES.  I am a "Baby-Boomer" born and raised in Iran and my topics range from my memories growing up in Iran to homeless community in Santa Monica and beyond.  My theme is social realities and preserving the history. I'd like to connect with people around the world that share the same passion. I appreciate your comments; (it's easy if you have a gmail account)

Mama bear and her two cubs caught on a tree in Pasadena May 3, 2012

My hometown Glendale:

Not long ago my hometown, Glendale, made the headlines when Kim Kardashian announced that she was mulling a run for mayor of Glendale.  I even read a blurb in Time magazine about the news and it made me happy to see Glendale making to the pages of Time magazine.  Thanks Kimmy for putting our town on the map.

Glendale acquired its name by combining two words Glen and Dale.  "Glen" means a narrow valley and "dale" means a broad valley.  As the name indicates, Glendale lies between several sets of hills and mountains, some running north/south and others running east/west. To the east of Glendale lies the city of Pasadena, also bordered by hills and mountains, and featuring its famous "arroyo" which is the stream bed near the famous Rose Bowl. 

Its proximity to the mountains means that all sorts of animals find their way onto the streets of Glendale.  Last year, while I was driving in one hillside neighborhood, I came across a group of stags, four of them. Fortunately I had my camera with me in the car and I took a picture of them. I posted the pictures on my blog: 

A month ago, Glendale was again in the news, this time not because of Kardashian but because a 500-pound bear roaming in the foothills and visiting Glendale residential streets for food.  Finally, after almost a month of bear siting in various Glendale neighborhoods, animal control experts were able to catch and remove the bear while it was looking for food by tranquilizing him and driving him to the forests 25 miles away. 

The Twitter community named the Glendale bear "Glen Bearian." They chose the last to end by "ian" because that is a universal suffix on the last name of Armenians, who comprise almost half of the Glendale population. Glendale is home to one of the largest communities of Armenians in the United States, or I may say outside of Armenia.  Around eighty thousand Armenians live in Glendale.   

A few days ago, the talk of the town again turned into bear siting.  This time a mother bear and her two cubs were wandering into Pasadena's streets. For the whole morning, the mama bear and her two cubs perched on a tree in a north Pasadena residential neighborhood by the foothills.  The Department of Fish and Game was notified; however, they wouldn't tranquilize the animals because the mother appeared to be nursing the cubs.  Eventually the bear family came down from the tree and returned to their mountain habitat.

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Americana Shopping Center in Glendale

Follow my blog to learn more about Glendale

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