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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The villagers of Karakale are not keeping up with Kardashians...

A group of Karakale villagers are holding the picture of Kim Kardashian (Sun magazine)
Where do the Kardashians come from? Karakale, the home village of Kardashians, is situated in Eastern Turkey, close to the Armenian borders.  
Karakale was once an ethnic Armenian village.  

In July of 1896, Sam and Harom Kardaschoff — a Russian spelling of the Armenian name Kardashian — became proud parents to a little boy called Tatos — Kim's great grandfather. But in 1915 the Ottoman Empire decreed mass deportation and massacre of Armenian villagers.  Armenians had to flee their villages.  

Sam and Hurom Kardaschoff, with their son Tatos and his siblings, fled in the autumn of 1913 — just before the bloodshed and the "Great Calamity" as it is called, happened. The family moved to LA, Tatos changed his name to Tom and started a business in rubbish collection and married another Karakale girl, Hamas Shakarian.

Later the family moved into the meat-packing business, becoming hugely wealthy. The couple's son Arthur, and his wife Helen moved the business to another level.  Their son Robert Kardashian, father of Kim and her siblings, became a celebrity lawyer.  

Kim Kardashian and her siblings always flaunt their Armenian heritage.  Kim says, "My father taught us to never forget where we come from." She also says, "I was raised with a huge Armenian influence, always hearing stories of Armenia, and celebrating Armenian holidays."

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The above Story was adapted from Oliver Harvey's report of his travel to Karakale village.

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