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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

15 minutes of fame for the Pizza delivery guy at the Oscars. DeGeneres made Mama's & Papa's PIzza an International sensation...

I enjoy watching the Oscars, it's one of the shows I won't fail to watch.  Watching celebs on red carpet is fascinating to me. However this year the academy awards wasn't as exciting as I was expecting, until two things happen.  Ellen DeGeneres, the host of Academy Awards, decided to order pizza.  15 minutes later pizza arrived.  It was a memorable moment, when DeGeneres and the pizza delivery guy arrived on stage with three boxes of pizza.  And the delivery guy was non other than an Armenian guy from Glendale.  Following is a blurb from the NewsPress our local paper.  The other distinctive act was when Ellen impulsively gathered celebrities to take a selfie picture.

Edgar Martirosyan, the pizza delivery man who dished out slices to Hollywood’s A-List stars on-air at the Academy Awards on Sunday night, was stunned when host Ellen DeGeneres asked him to follow her out into the audience. 

Martirosyan said representatives for the Oscars called his business, Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria in Hollywood, to see if he wanted to interview for the opportunity to deliver pizzas during the show. Out of a handful of pizzerias, his was selected, he said, but he thought the delivery of cheese, gluten-free, mushroom and olive and peperoni pizza was for Academy Awards staff. He had no clue he’d be hand-delivering to movie stars such as Meryl Streep

“It was a good surprise for me,” 

When he got to the event, he was backstage with the pizzas when DeGeneres introduced herself and told him to follow her.

“And then I’m on stage,” he said.

Meanwhile, his brother and restaurant co-owner, Erik Martirosyan, was just as taken aback while watching the Hollywood awards show.

Since Oscar night, the Martirosyans’ pizza restaurant has seen business triple with lines forming out the door. Edgar Martirosyan has also been interviewed by various media outlets, including CNN and the Ellen Degeneres Show. He’s even received requests for interviews from radio and TV stations in Australia and India. 

And remember when DeGeneres was asking for cash to pay and tip Martirosyan from Brad Pitt and other stars, using singer Pharrell Williams’ hat? Well, Edgar Martirosyan ended up getting his biggest tip ever: $1,000.

In addition to owning the Hollywood pizzeria, the Martirosyan brothers are in the midst of preparing to open a wood-burning oven pizza restaurant in Silver Lake called Wood at Parkman Avenue and Silver Lake Boulevard.

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