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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

AROUND TOWN – Bank of Amerca's automated teller on Doran Ave in Glendale...

Can you believe this traffic is on Sunday evening at 5:30 P.M.??

Next to my Gym, where I go to workout, there is a Bank of America drive up automated teller.  Last Sunday January 8, around 5:30 pm when I was leaving the gym I noticed so many cars lined up to pick up money from the automated teller.  It was so unusual to see such a crowd at the lot at that time of the day.  I took a picture to share with my readers.  I cannot figure out what was the rush for.  Maybe you have a better idea. You cannot see well in the picture but there were eight cars in the lot.

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  1. On a Sunday - well, could be a lot of people suddenly wanted to take their families to some cash-only restaurant - or something :)

    I remember the pharmacy sometimes has a long queue, and half an hour later, it is empty. Then again after half an hour, the queue extends to the street! There is something about public attendance which is utterly unpredictable. Maybe for the best :)