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Sunday, 22 January 2012

A slice of history – Tehran Conference – 1943

"Tehran 43" movie an adaptation of Tehran conference in 1943

Teheran Conference. In November, 1943, Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt met together in Teheran, Iran, to discuss military strategy to end the WWII

The Tehran Conference was to unite the Big Three on a military agenda set to win the War against Nazi Germany, already weakened by a major defeat at Stalingrad. It was in Tehran that preperations for D-Day ("Operation Overlord") were ultimately decided, and were to remain a Top Secret between the three leaders. This the most important military operation in modern history is depicted with great panache in Darryl F. Zanuck's 1962 film "The longest Day"

The Longest Day – John Wayne and many other famous actors of the time 
Read the following post: Learn more about the Tehran conference and how an Armenian Soviet agent "Gevork Vartanian" helped to thwart a Nazi plot to Assassinate Stalin in Tehran. (To learn more read the following Post)

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