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Saturday, 28 January 2012

REVOLUTION 2.0 – A Modern Days Revolution

The Power of the People is Greater Than the People in Power

Earlier this week on January 25th, tens of thousands of protesters reassembled in Tahrir Square to mark the first anniversary of the beginning of the Egyptian uprising.  After a year of incredible change for Egypt. Wael Ghonim, one of the key figures behind the uprising has put down his reflections in a book called, REVOLUTION 2.0: The Power of the People is Greater Than the People in Power.  The book recounts one of the most dramatic and galvanizing stories of the Arab Spring and his role in helping organize fellow Egyptians through savvy social marketing and undying faith that change was possible.  In a conversation with author Reza Aslan, Ghonim will look back at this historical year, as well as explore where Egypt stands today and why he is optimistic for the future. The lessons he draws have profound implications for all of us.

 Join ALOUD:  An Evening with Wael Ghonim is a special presentation taking place at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, Monday February 6, at 8pm.

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  1. It is good that a person connected with the Egyptian movement has written a book - I will look for it or just for reviews and quotes on the web and in the news. Hopefully the general trend in Egypt will allow for improvements and peace in the region.