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Friday, 26 July 2013

A very rare six-legged Octopus found in Greece

I came across this interesting news on Internet.  I thought to share it with my readers:

While vacationing in Greece with his family, Labros Hydras caught a rare octopus -- dubbed a 'hexapus' -- from the sea when he went snorkeling with his kids. The 49-year-old didn't realize that his catch was only the second six-legged specimen ever found. He and his son followed local tradition by smashing it against a rock to kill it, and then they took it to a nearby taverna to cook. Because it was so rare, the chef refused to cook it for him -- so Hydras just fried it up himself.
After enjoying his meal, the Washington D.C. resident checked into what the chef had said. Hydras found out that the other six-legged hexapus, nicknamed Henry, was found five years ago near North Wales, Britain. "It tasted just like a normal octopus but now I feel really bad," Hydras told the Daily Mail. "When we caught it, there was nothing to suggest it was any different or had been damaged. I thought it had just been born with six tentacles."
Labros is now trying to find out more about the marine animal. He is talking to biologists and wants to make the scientific community aware of the existence of the hexapus.

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