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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Statue of Liberty Made From Armenian Copper

As we get close to the 4th of July and the Independence Day the buzz is the re-openning of the   Statue of Liberty to visitors. 

I have a question WHAT ARMENIANS HAVE TO DO WITH THE STATUE OF LIBERTY? Read the answer.  

(Re)born on the Fourth of July: Statue of Liberty to re-open on Independence Day following extensive damage from Superstorm Sandy

  • Statue of Liberty to re-open on July 4th following extensive damage to Liberty Island
  • It had been closed to public for a year for maintenance and reopened right before Superstorm Sandy

Statue of Liberty Made From Armenian Copper

YEREVAN (ArmInfo)—The Statue of Liberty is made of Armenian copper, according to the president of a US mining company that owns the Akhtala Ore Mining and Processing Works in Armenia.
Metal Prince President Serob Ter-Pogosian said he has documentary proof that the statue, located on New York’s Liberty Island, was constructed from copper extract from the Akhtala deposit in Armenia’s northern region of Lori.
According to Ter-Pogosian, all the copper ore mined from Akhtala was shipped to France in the 1880s when it was under the management of a French company headed by Henry de Gaulle, father of former French President Charles de Gaulle.
The statue built by the French and shipped to the US, was officially inaugurated in 1886 by President Cleveland. 225 tons of copper was used inconstructing the statue.

What is the Statue of Liberty Made Out of?


The Statue Of Liberty is made out of with Armenian copper whose thickness is equivalent to two pennies put together. The statue is a gift from the people of France to the United States of America.

The statue of liberty was built in 1882-1884 and was a gift from France, who was a great supporter of the fight for independence by Revolutionary forces. There are 354 stairs inside
The Statue of Liberty was sculpted in France and given to America to commemorate the Declaration of Independence. It is made of copper and only achieved its green coloration over
The Statue of Liberty was made by France and given to the United States of America as a gesture of good will and solidarity as revolutionary nations. It was sculpted by Frederic Bartholdi
The Statue of Liberty is a frame of steel covered over with copper. It is 151 feet tall, and on its foundation sit 305 feet tall. The foundation is a rectangular stone.You can find

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