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Friday, 30 December 2011

I received the following comment from a Friend...

After posting my story on Steve Jobs my friend Bob emailed me his memories of Mike Markkula who had helped Steve Jobs to launch the business.  Bob has been living in the same home on Pass Ave in Burbank since he was a boy.  He remembers Mike Markkula who was a neighbor.  When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were looking for funding Markkula helped them with the necessary funding to start their business. Bob tells his memories of Markkula: 

Hi  Catherine,

The  demises of Steve Jobs was a great loss.  He was brilliant.
 While Jobs & Wozniak were the brains of computers,  it took
 Mike Markkula who found them,  working in a garage -  who 
 know about money to help them into greatness.

 Mike was in my high school & lived just 3 blocks from my house.
 Mike's mom said if a computer is so great,  then what about
 a program to balance a check book.    So the first program for
 the Apple II  computer was - balancing a check book.

 After high school, we both went to Glendale College.
 Once the instructor told his mom,  that perhaps Mike
 should go to a trade school - forget college.    But Mike
transferred to USC.  He got a degree  in electrical engineering..

After many years running Apple,  Mike got tired & brought in the head man from Pepsi Cola  to run Apple.  Mike's name was never mentioned in newspapers, radio or TV per his request.   In early days he got many death threats.

 After leaving Apple,  Mike bought a cattle ranch in  California.  Second company he bough an jet airplane leasing business... My mom & his mom were friends. You may want to check the following links on Mike Markkula and Steve Jobs,

 Mike & I were in different social groups.   Mike was determined to make at least 1 million dollar by 35.   And He did.

Read the following story on Steve Jobs and how he perceived the Armenian Genocide.

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