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Saturday, 31 December 2011

My last entry of the Year 2011

At 5pm everybody is rushing to get money before heading home.
Before I get dressed for a New Year's Eve with my husband I wanted to share these two pictures I took yesterday from my iphone, while I was at my Gym the Total Woman on Brand Ave.  Right next to my gym there is a Bank of America automated teller.  A red 1960s Thunderbird got my attention.  I thought it was worth having the picture.  This year I thought there were a lot more Christmas decoration than other years in my hometown Glendale.  I wish you a HAPPY 2012.  watch more Xmas decorations in Glendale.

this is a house that I pass by everyday. It is located on Monterey Rd in Glendale.  They hire help to decorate the home every year.  I love their spirit. It is one of the most decorated homes in Glendale

this is a modest home on Verdugo Circle, a few blocks from my home.

 the iconic Alex theatre built in the 1930s

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